How to Write an Email (90s Tutorial)

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On this episode of the Wide World of Web, Smithers teaches us the importance of proper email etiquette.

Written by Richard Rogers & Sage Smith

Music by Dream.Corp
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0:00-0:24 Introduction
0:25-0:59 Writing a Well-Composed Email
1:00-1:22 The Boss’s Response
1:23-2:03 Dealing with Disagreements over Email
2:03-2:52 The Boss’s Reprimand
2:52-3:28 Illustrating Your Point More Clearly
3:29-4:39 Opera GX Sponsorship
4:40-5:22 Janice’s Response
5:23-5:45 Email to Janice
5:46-6:10 The Boss’s Influence
6:11-7:05 Apologetic Emails
7:06-7:30 Outro

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