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May 29, 2023


Markate: Marketing Digital

Vídeo promocional em motion design para a Markate, uma empresa de marketing que deseja ajudar seus clientes a melhorar os […]

May 29, 2023


Creative Digital Marketing

This highly practical, advanced level course for marketers working in independent cinemas, film festivals, cross arts venues and pop-ups across […]

May 29, 2023


New Order in digital marketing

Mobile and digital marketing offer great opportunities and though challenges. Old marketing and 4Ps are still important, but they all […]

May 29, 2023


Caso Compumundo: Email Marketing Responsive

En cada envío de Email Marketing, nos enfrentamos contra decenas de servidores de Correo Electrónico y contra cientos de dispositivos […]

May 29, 2023


Managing Email Marketing Campaigns with Daylite & MailChimp

Join us as we show you how to manage an email marketing campaign with Daylite and MailChimp using the MailChimp […]

Social Media vs Email Marketing: Which Is Better For Sales?

How To Build Your Email List Using Social Media
FREE Email Building Guide ►►

Which strategy is better for promotions and profits 👉 social media or email marketing?

In this video, I’m giving you an honest side-by-side breakdown of how these marketing strategies compare…

With real stats from my own business (there is a 600% difference in revenue 😳🤯)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video 👇

✅ The way I approach email marketing (which is different than “mainstream” definitions)…

✅ How most people use social media (and why this is all wrong)…

✅ How you should use social media for your business (for maximum results)…

✅ How I combine social media WITH email marketing for the ultimate one-two-punch marketing knockout 🥊

Keep watching!

👀 Want to read along with the video? Check out this blog post:

00:00 Introduction
00:54 What Is Email Marketing?
02:47 What Is Social Media Marketing?
03:49 How You SHOULD Be Using Social Media (hint: it’s not “going viral” 👀 )
04:41 Which Is Better (according to MY revenue reports)
07:11 How To Use Social Media To GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST

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The Copy Posse was started with one sole mission: to redefine what it means to be a copywriter, marketer, and entrepreneur today.

Founded by 2022’s Marketer of The Year, Alex Cattoni, her inspiration came after observing a dangerous divide in the copywriting industry…

She noticed that while there were a lot of brilliant and authentic marketers out there, many still used manipulative, hypey, and severely outdated sales tactics that she just didn’t vibe with…

That’s why in 2019, after 8 years of working behind-the-scenes with the hottest transformational authors and businesses on the planet, Alex decided to start THIS YouTube channel 🙌

To teach people the techniques and strategies she’s used to build a heart-centered, authentic, and lucrative copywriting business from the ground up…

And get more messages that matter to the masses.

It is our conviction that the BEST copywriting today combines proven marketing principles with modern-day branding and storytelling.

We believe your message matters and your words can change the world. You have the power to create the life of your dreams, build a lucrative business AND make an impact on humanity with the type of marketing that today’s businesses need and today’s audiences crave.

Through our online programs and social communities, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of rad humans find more freedom, have more fun, and sell more products and services without selling out on their integrity…

And we want to help YOU do the same.

Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on the latest copywriting, marketing, branding, and social media lessons.

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From Paycheck to Paycheck to making $2000 in 12 Days with Faceless Digital Marketing As A Beginner

Hey Virtual friends! Welcome to my channel. Today I’ll be telling you how I was able to make $2000+ selling digital products as a complete beginner on a faceless Instagram account.

And guess what, You can do it too!

I’ll list the course I took that helped me start making sales, & the best thing about it is that if you purchase, you have MMR rights to resell for 100% profit, plus any mentor help from me! There’s also another option if you want to get started but can’t afford this course just yet.


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